Transparency is our target

Our respirators are properly sourced and reliably certified. We make all of our testing data publicly available. Click the image to the right to read our masks specification sheet.

Specification Sheet

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We're Fabric Medical, and We Provide Certified Medical Equipment

We provide Dräger N95s, along with certified gloves, USA-made gowns, and our custom CE-tested KN95 respirators.

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our products

What we can provide

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Dräger N95 Respirators
Nitrile Gloves
Gowns - Level II
Gowns - Level III
CE Tested KN95

our products

Dräger X-plore 1350 N95 Respirator

- NIOSH approved
- Same masks supplied to U.S. federal government; read Dräger's Health and Human Services (HHS)
- Offer 100% payment upon delivery
- Click
here for a detailed specifications sheet

our products

Nitrile Gloves

- 100 gloves per box
- Glove thickness: 6 mil at the palm and 8 mil at fingertips
- FDA + CE Cleared
- Offers 50% payment upfront, 50% upon delivery
- Click
here for a detailed specifications sheet

Our products

Level II Disposable Isolation Gowns

- AATCC (AAMI) and ASTM F1868 certified
- Offers 50% payment upfront, 50% after delivery
- Click
here for a detailed specifications sheet

Our products

Level III Disposable Isolation Gowns

- Certifications: CE and TS EN 464 Turkish standard
- Offers 50% payment upfront, 50% after delivery
- Click
here for a detailed specifications sheet

Our products

CE Tested KN95 Respirator

- Custom headband neckband secure fit (see video)
- CE
- Flexible payment options
See manufacturer
- Click
here for a detailed specifications sheet


The Only KN95 Respirator Recommended Highly by Doctors.

Our masks have been in the hands of doctors and nurses all over the country, and they all agree that our masks stand out among the rest.

"This is a direct quote. This is a longer quote than the others."
"This is a direct quote"
"This is a direct quote"

our respirators

Our respirator is unlike the others

Standard KN95 masks equipped with ear loops do not provide an adequate seal.

We added a headband, neckband, and a foam nose piece to make our respirator seal like no other.

here for a detailed specifications sheet.

Our Team

From the very start, we've made safety a priority

Our mission is to provide PPE to those serving to stop COVID-19. Fabric Medical's team of young entrepreneurs and medical professionals combat the global medical supplies shortage by delivering reputable and safe medical equipment to organizations that are currently experiencing both extreme shortages and patient overcrowding.

Vishaal Mali

Vishaal is a computer engineering and physics major at Northwestern University, where he's built electronics for quantum systems. He's also a serial entrepreneur, co-founding startups such as PedalCell, and Zeitgeist Mobility.

Mason Secky-Koebel

Mason is a computer science major at Northwestern University. As the founder of Lighthouse, Mason designs and builds technology that makes learning materials more accessible, and more intuitive.

Niral Patel

Niral received his BS from Indiana University, and his masters from the IU School of Medicine. He's a 3rd year student a the Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, and a CLEAR funded research scholar for the RFUMS.

Raj Patel

Raj is a Purdue graduate, and a 3rd year student at the Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science. Raj has also engineered healthcare systems for IMEG, and been featured as a finalist for two biomedical engineering competitions.

Jigar Patel

Jigar is a Purdue graduate, with degrees in management and computer science. He's co-founded multiple technology startups, where he handled product design, customer relationships, and operations.

Adam Hokin

Adam is a graduate of the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business with concentrations is sales and operations. Adam is a co-founder of PedalCell, a company that creates a patented continuous power source for cyclists.

Rachel Cantor

Rachel is a Communications major at Northwestern University. She is the past Executive Co-Chair of NUDM, one of the largest student-run philanthropies in the nation. She’s worked on projects for major companies such as Google and Refinery29.